This is Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist center in the world, situated in Tibet.

Today, peaceful monks and nuns at Larung Gar are struggling to preserve their homes.

It is undergoing wide-scale demolitions by Chinese authorities who plan to downsize it by 50% and evict half of its 10,000-plus residents.

With no forthright discussions with the institute's leaders that addresses safety concerns, the Chinese government is unilaterally carrying out the demolitions which infringes upon the right of Tibetans to freely practice their religion.

Tibetan nun, Rinzin Dolma, committed suicide on July 20, the first day of the demolition. She left a note saying she “could not bear the pain of the endless Chinese harassment of innocent Buddhists who quietly studied at the institute.” Two more nuns have also reportedly committed suicide.

Take Action now for Larung Gar

Stand with an ages-old culture and philosophy rooted in compassion and peace.

Stand with religious freedom, without fear of state persecution.

Stand with the community of Larung Gar — people who simply want to practice and preserve Tibetan Buddhist culture.


World Response to Demolitions:

“Over 5000 resident monks and nuns have now been displaced. They have not just lost their home and their religious community but their sense of belonging and safety.” - Canadian MP Arif Virani
“On the one hand, China says there is a religious freedom and showcase some kind of teachings by some Lama, while on the other hand, it destroys buildings where monks and nuns reside in the Larung Gar complex." - Tibetan Government-In-Exile Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay
“We urge authorities to cease actions that may escalate tensions and to pursue forthright consultations with the institute’s leaders to address any safety concerns in a way that does not infringe on the right of Tibetans to practice their religion freely.” - US State Department Press Office Director Elizabeth Trudeau
“The demolition of Larung Gar is the tip of the iceberg in China’s systematic assault on Tibet’s religion and culture. China must be held accountable and world leaders must condemn such actions - our silence only emboldens the Chinese government to intensify their violence on Tibetans.” - SFT Acting Executive Director Pema Yoko
“What the Chinese government is doing to Larung Gar is an atrocity. What this place represents, its tradition and especially the religious freedom of Tibetans, must be respected.” - Chilean MP Vlado Mirosevic Verdugo, and current national president of the Liberal Party of Chile.
“Fundamental rights such as those of religion, peaceful assembly, freedom of association and privacy are being trampled underfoot by a government which appears to be petrified of a religion whose only weapon is love, and message is peace.” - Mangaqa Albert Mncwango, Deputy National Chairperson of South African Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)
“Though the destruction continues and restrictions on travellers to Larung Gar have been imposed by the Chinese government, it is important that these actions not be met with silence and it is important to note that the efforts by people to bring this issue to the attention of the world are not wasted.” - Cheri DiNovo, Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament
“The demolitions and forced removals in Larung Gar demonstrate the extremes China will go to to control religion. Stand with me in supporting Larung Gar.” - Mayor David J. Narkewicz, City of Northampton
“...the right to freedom of religious belief in recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and under article 36 of the Chinese constitution. In keeping with these provisions, we strongly urge the central government to investigate the actions of the authorities who have demolished religious buildings, expelled practitioners, and imposed restrictions on religious belief and practice; order the reversal of these misguided policies; provide reparations for the damage caused to date; and simply allow people to practice their faith in peace.” - Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission
“In addition, we call on the UK Government to raise these matters directly with China; to ask for an immediate diplomatic visit with unrestricted access to Tibet, including Larung Gar and Yachen Gar; to remind the Chinese Government of its duty to respect religious freedom as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in its own constitution; and, to make a public statement expressing serious concern over the situation at Larung Gar and Yachen Gar and the repression of religious activities in Tibet.” - Tim Loughton MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet
“The US has been watching with significant concern as Larung Gar has been assiduously disassembled ... and we do not find the arguments set forth by the Chinese government to be compelling reasons for destroying that monastery. ” - Sarah Sewall, US Special Coordinator on Tibet
The European Parliament “Urges the Chinese authorities to stop the demolition of Larung Gar and the eviction of its residents, and in this way to respect the freedom of religion...” - The European Parliament
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